Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Explainer videos have the highest reponse rate of all digital formats because people prefer watching video than reading text!

If you’re not using this powerful media to tell your story about your products or services directly to your customers, you’re missing out.

Our recent samples are below:

VIDEO SAMPLES – each video plays in 5 minutes or less

It was more Enjoyable to Watch than Read – wasn’t it?

Text From “Why Are Whiteboard Explainer Videos So Effective?”

* They allow you to communicate directly and personally to your target customers

* People love the cartoons and stories since they are fast (1 to 2 minutes), fun, packed with easy-to-understand information, and clearly solve a problem they may be having

* 4 times as many people would rather watch a video than read text on your site

* They improve learning and memory: With the combination of music, pictures and voice, customers are more likely to remember key facts from your video for days and even weeks after seeing it

* That’s why Explainer Videos have the highest response rate out of all digital media ad formats

* Grow revenue 49% faster: Businesses that use video grow faster than those who don’t use it

* Increase clicks up to 200% when you put a thumbnail of your video in emails

* Have 24-hour salesperson talking directly to your customers for you, and you can use again and again on your web or any social media – YouTube being especially important for many reasons

* Give Clear Call to Action telling customers to either:

     Buy Something
     Download Something

* You Can Use Them For:

     Lead creation
     Educating your customers
     Educating service providers
     Training for staff
     Sales presentations
     Many more ways – ask us!