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Design Tip and Portfolio

  • Good design is “invisible”
  • It should “enhance” your content, not “accompany” it
  • When well done, design makes your content “shine”

Design Tip

Poor Web Design = Strong Consumer Distrust

  • 94% of potential customers will leave a website for some design related issue.
  • Only 6% will leave for content related issues.

So you may have a lot of great information to share with your customers, but if you have a poorly designed website no one will ever read your oustanding content!

A study found out that badly designed websites are not read, trusted, or visited for any length of time:

  • It stated: “In cases where the participants did not like some aspect of the design the site was often not explored further than the homepage and was not considered suitable for revisiting at a later date.” From: “Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites.”

Think about that!

  • Pretty much every business is now online in some form.
  • In fact, a business’s website if often your first meeting with a business at all.
  • PLUS – many businesses are 100% on line, so that first impression is more important than ever!
  • And how do we make a good first impression? Good Design.

Top things to avoid:

  • Busy layouts & Bad navigation
  • Boring web design & Pop-up ads
  • Small print & hard to read fonts
  • Too much text poorly organized

So Study Your Website – is it Promoting Trust or Not?

Strong Web Design = Strong Consumer Trust

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Web Design Portfolio

  • Website design is more important than ever.
  • Many sites are read on the fly on people’s phones, or while they’re doing other things.
  • Cut through the internet noise with a distinctive, easy-to-use website that keeps customers coming back.
  • Our national award-winning web designs and recent portfolio are below:

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Did You Know:

  1. Over a 10-year time period, The Design Council studied the portfolios of 63 companies that traded on the Financial Times Stock Exchange.
  2. What showed was that companies that emphasized design did much better than those that did not.
  3. In fact, they outperformed the FTSE 100 index by 200%.
  4. The Design Council also found out that for every $100 dollars a company spent on design, they increased turnover by $225 dollars!
  5. So, think about it! Spend some money on your design now, and it’s highly likely you’ll see the profits for doing so.

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“I hired Hilary years ago for my first website. I am an attorney, and back then getting listed in the Search Engines was relatively easy. But over the years as the Internet has become more and more competitive, we have had to employ more SEO and interactive design to really stand out. Hilary is always up-to-date and I am still extremely happy with the amount of calls and emails we get from our site and the number of those contacts that turn into long-term clients. ” John S.

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