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Our 6-Step SEO Process

  • There are so many aspects to optimizing a website….
  • Therefore it’s crucial you understand the basics so you can be part of the process, and not get taken advantage of.
  • And it’s very important you understand what your money is buying.
  • Here is our process:

1. Key Concepts

FIRST: Rankings in Search Engines mean NOTHING if you have NO Conversions!

SECOND: Search Engine Optimization is about PROVING to Search Engines:

  • That you have the most relevant, authoritative and trusted site for your niche/location.
  • That you provide your customer – the searcher – the best, most unique, helpful and trusted information available nowhere else.
  • And if that results in people:
    1. Linking to you because you produce outstanding, quality content,
    2. And people share your information around the web,
    3. Then Google will be more confident that you’re the best result they can offer their searchers.
  • That’s when you’ll start ranking on the first page of Google.

2. Audit & Plannnig

With those 2 KEY Concepts in mind, we can start one of two ways:

1. If you already have a website, we’ll do a basic or in-depth audit (you determine) to see what’s working on your site and what isn’t.

2. If you need, or have a new website, then we’ll work with you to gain insights into your business to determine how much work and time it’ll take to be competitive in your niche/location.

Then: With audit data, or insights about your industry and business, we then move to #3 – Keyword Research.

3. Find Great Keywords

Finding the right Keywords is critical and the foundation of everything!

  • We use several of the most advanced keyword research tools in the industry:

    1. To find the best keywords that will convert into sales for you;
    2. To find the most popular and newest ways your customers are searching for your products and services;
    3. To ensure your site is optimized correctly the first time;
    4. And to know the best topics to write high quality content about.
  • Without high quality, relevant content your site will not do well as it could.

    4. Onsite Optimization

    Now we combine our Keywords with some Competitive Analysis because optimizing a website is more than just using Yoast SEO Plugin, or pasting keywords in tags, content and internal links.

    1. We have to know who ranks #1 for the keyword you want to rank for, and why they rank there.
    2. Is their page text length longer?
    3. Did they use the keyword sooner in their title?
    4. Do they have links to other relevant pages embedded in their text?
    • Knowing this: We can make your website BETTER!
    • Plus – all of the above will help Google better understand your webpage; and they’ll increase your rankings.

    5. Offisite / Technical Optimization

    This is the final step to any well-built SEO strategy.

    1. Link building and NAP listings (Name, Address, Places listings) are what a lot of Offsite SEO is about.
    2. These links and listings help increase your popularity and relevance with Google.
    3. Technical SEO makes sure Search Engines can crawl your site easily, and your site loads fast and is mobile friendly, etc.
    • All of the above are important, but REMEMBER:
      1. Content is STILL KING – and you’ll ALWAYS acquire natural backlinks by providing high quality, well-written and organized content to your visitors. Note: if you need content we can write it for you!

    6. Relax!

    Remember: This is a marathon, not a sprint!Making improvements can often bring very fast results, other times, it takes a longer, steady commitment.

    There are often many ways to tackle an issue, so we take it a step at time – together!

    SEO Services

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    Most of our Custom Plans include several of these services

    Website Audit

    This is a great place to start:

    • Google made 3,200 changes to their algorithm last year. How are those changes affecting your website?
    • A site audit gives you a clear idea and overview of what’s working on your website and what isn’t.
    • If you want to know if your website is performing at its best, or if current SEO efforts are working – start here!

    Onsite / Offsite and Technical Optimization

    • Onsite SEO makes sure your overall internal structure is well optimized, so Google clearly understands what your site’s about, which can increase your rankings.
    • Offsite SEO is about quality backlinks and listings.
    • Technical SEO makes sure Search Engine Spiders can easily crawl and index your site.
    • Is your site well optimized for all three?

    Keyword Research

    It ALL starts here:

    • If you don’t do keyword research correctly, then your entire foundation for your website and all your marketing efforts will be a waste of time and money.
    • By getting the correct keywords in the correct places, often, changes in rankings can happen fast.
    • Don’t skimp on this vital part of the process!

    Conversion Optimization

    What good is traffic if it doesn’t convert to sales or leads?

    • Conversion optimization allows us to track each visitor that comes to your site and lead them to take action.
    • Are your visitors staying long enough to do what you want – like calling you, filling out a form, or buying something?
    • You could be missing a lot business if they’re not.

    SEO Consultation

    We offer: hourly, monthly, or ongoing SEO consultation services.

    • If you need more than a single hour to discuss your Search Engine Optimization issues, we have several options for you.
    • If you have ongoing SEO needs, we can give you a custom price that will be the best value for your dollar.

    Local Search / GMB

    This may sound crazy: but is your Google My Business listing filled out correctly?

    • So many people are missing out big time by NOT taking FULL advantage of this incredible resource.
    • If you aren’t leveraging local search and your GMB listing to it’s fullest – start now – we can help you.

    Video / YouTube Optimization

    YouTube’s search engine is second only to Google and Google owns both!

    • Almost 5 billion videos are watched DAILY on YouTube, with 30 million+ DAILY visitors and your message can reach this audience.
    • Optimizing a video is as complex as a website, if you want it to actually be viewed.
    • You also need to create quality videos with quality content.
    • Luckily, we do both.

      PPC / Paid Advertising

      If you don’t do Pay-Per-Click correctly – you’ll lose a fortune.

      • We pay huge attention to detail, and set up the most strategic, cost-effective campaigns possible.
      • Depending upon your market, you may not need to be doing PPC at all!
      • Don’t waste tons of money – do it right the first time.

      Website Monitoring

      The only way to really know how well your website is performing is to monitor and evaluate, because SEO is a long-term continuous effort, NOT a once-and-done task!

      • Every month (twice a month for some) we monitor and evaluate several sources of data, and give you a report.
      • We want to see where incremental improvements can be made to continually move your site towards your goals.

      Google Penalty Recovery

      Technical issues can cost you your position in the Search Engines.

      • We determine the problem(s), how extensive they are, fix them, and get you back in the Search Engines.
      • We can help with (not limited to):
        1. Incorrectly moved site
        2. Manual Actions
        3. Duplicate content issues
        4. Backlink evaluation and clean up.

      WordPress Maintenance

      WordPress sites continually have updates, especially the plugins.

      • Updates can come out several times a month and your site can quickly get out of date.
      • As a business owner or blogger, you don’t have time for that.
      • We’ll keep your WordPress site up-to-date so it’s secure, running smoothly, and you can concentrate on managing your business.

      Backink Removal

      Link removal services are for websites that have acquired an unnatural link profile that is damaging their website rankings.

      • We’ll help you discover what’s in your link profile that’s keeping your website and business from being successful in search results.
      • Whether you have a manual penalty or are looking to correct your link profile, our service can help get you back into Google’s good graces.

      3 Success Stories

      1. Gardening SEO

      (National SEO)

      Competition: Extremely High

      The competition for this client were major brands like HGTV, Martha Stewart, and Miracle-Gro. Competition in Google for this client’s Keywords were in the millions.

      SEO Strategy

      The SEO strategy was very comprehensive, coming at the problem from many angles. We couldn’t compete with the big boys head-on, plus it needed to be affordable. We came in the backdoor (all white hat) that would make this client competitive. We also got super creative with leveraging user interests.


      Before we committed to any Keywords in earnest, we tested them for conversion first. Once we had outstanding test results, we implemented the keywords. So a lot hard work.


      Not only did we exceed our goals in Organic Search with the Keywords we decided upon, but our outstanding content lead to numerous backlinks. We have now ranked ABOVE HGTV for several search terms we didn’t expect. That’s because we PROVED to Google that we had RELEVANT, AUTHORITATIVE, AND TRUSTED content, and they rewarded us.

      6 out of every 10 visits to this client’s site comes from Google Organic search
      Took about 3 months to see first organic results on page 1; we continue to grow upwards monthly
      Boosted organic clicks to more than 76,180+ clicks per month
      Average 15% CTR when testing
      $50 PPC spent only to test conversion rates, then $0 spent

      2. California Beach Vacation Rental SEO

      (Local SEO)

      Competition: High

      We took over this site 15 years ago and even though competition was very high then, no one was really doing Search Engine Optimization, but we were. H.A.R. Marketing and SEO became certified SEO experts back in 2005.

      SEO Strategy

      At the time the client was not number one, but towards the bottom of the search results page. Within one month with solid Keyword research and onsite SEO, we had this site sitting at number one and we it kept there until they sold the site in 2018 to VRBO – the vacation rental giant – who could NOT shake us from number one in the Search Engines until they bought the site!


      Even though we got the client FAST results, we knew not to relax. We kept up a solid campaign with regular on-page and off-page optimization work. SEO is not a once-and-done, but an ongoing endeavor.


      We were able to secure number 1 (in those days there was no personalized search) in Yahoo, Bing, Google and many other lesser known Search Engines. The client had sold out vacation rentals during summer season and holidays, and a 90% or more booking rate for the off season.

      7 out of every 10 visits to this client’s site comes from Google Organic search
      Most other traffic comes from return vacationers who bookmarked site or direct traffic
      Boosted organic clicks to more than 31,510+ clicks per month
      Average 9% or more CTR when testing
      $155 PPC spent only to test conversion rates, then $0 spent

      3. Pets, Dogs and Cats SEO

      (National SEO)

      Competition: Extremely High

      You don’t need us to tell you how competitive the pet industry is! This is as cutthroat as it gets besides insurance or credit card SEO. Wow.

      SEO Strategy

      Similar to the Gardening Industry, we knew we weren’t going to go up against the big boys in the pet, dog, and cat industry. Our client sold pet food, toys, and other items, and concentrated on dogs and cats. So as usual, we came at it in an “out of the box” kind of way. Creativity goes a long way. From there is was super easy to drive traffic to our client’s site.


      We used painstaking Keyword Research, testing of these keywords before committing to them, A/B split testing to get the answers we needed to move forward.


      Our goal, in this case, was NOT being number one on Google for highly competitive Keywords. Remember, our key concept: “Rankings in Search Engines mean NOTHING if you have NO CONVERSIONS!” Our goal here was conversions and sales. Doing all White Hat (the only kind of SEO we do) we increased sales by 40% in the first 8 months.

      70% of customers came from Organic Search
      The rest came from content marketing strategies
      Increased sales by 40% within the first year
      Average 12% or more CTR when testing
      $175 PPC spent only to test conversion rates, then $0 spent

      Frequently Asked Questions 

      Basic SEO Questions

      There is A LOT to understand about SEO, therefore most people have many questions – which is great. We always encourage people to understand what’s going on. If these questions don’t cover what you want to know about, please use the Question Form below.

      What's SEO and why is it so important?

      Search Engine Optimization is anything that is done in order to improve the ranking of content such as a specific web page, an entire website, services or products in the Search Engine Results (SERPs). The goal is to get more traffic to a specific site, or page, etc. and it is important to rank at least in the top 10 searches in Google. Also, many users feel that Googles organic results are more authentic and specific to the searcher.

      What's a Search Engine; can you name a few?

      A search engine is a software system that is designed to search and find relevant information on the World Wide Web. Search engines generally answer users’ questions and give them a list of search results. Examples of search engines are: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu (china), DuckDuckGo and Yandex (Russia).

      What is a SERP?

      SERP stands for: Search Engine Result Page. It is the page that appears when a specific search is entered from the search engine. In addition to displaying a list of results, the SERP can also contain advertisements.

      What is an Organic Listing or Result?

      There are two kinds of results: paid and organic. Organic is done by good SEO work that can comprise of multiple tactics and methodologies. Paid results appear at the top and bottom of the SERPs and are listed as advertisements. Some people pay to get their listing on the primary page of a search engine, others get there “organically” and are not paid ads.

      What is Internal Linking?

      Internal links are hyperlinks within the same domain that are put on each page to interconnect the site. This is a good way to easily guide visitors from one page to another on the same site.

      They also help the search engine robots, or “bots,” to easily move through all the pages on a site or blog and index them. This builds a hierarchy of information which helps build relevancy, which is super important, as well as help visitors navigate through your pages.

      What's a Bounce Rate?

      The bounce rate is the number of visitors that leave your site so fast they don’t really register as a user. They literally “bounce” off your page. Many factors can lead to this and if you have a high bounce rate you need to fix it FAST! It means people are not interested in your site, so you need to make it more “sticky” so people stay and view many pages on your site.

      What is an XML Sitemap?

      XML or Extensible Markup Language was created primarily to make it easier for search engines to find what’s on your site and get it indexed accurately.

      A good XML sitemap tells search engines about the number of pages present on a specific site, the frequency of their updates and the time of the latest changes, which enables a good indexing of the site by search engines.

      Advanced SEO Questions

      There is A LOT to understand about SEO, therefore most people have many questions – which is great. We always encourage people to understand what’s going on. If these questions don’t cover what you want to know about, please use the Question Form below.

      What are LSI keywords?

      LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords are keywords that are related in meaning with the most important keyword that users enter through search engines or that appear on your website or web page. For example your main keyword may be Dog. Depending upon the meaning you’re using the word “dog” related words could be: pooch, puppy, canine, hound, hot dog, frank, cad, heel,chase, trail, track. So you really need to be specific about the meaning of your initial keyword.

      What’s Anchor Text?

      Anchor text is text with a clickable hyperlink. These hyperlinks refer to different documents or locations on the web, or within your own site. These texts are often underlined and have a color to distinguish them from regular text.

      What’s a Google’s Penalty?

      A Google penalty is the negative effect on the search results of a website based on updates of Google’s search algorithms and/or manual control. This can be an unfortunate failure of an algorithm update or a deliberate punishment for using techniques that they feel don’t adhere to Google’s Quality Standards. Or it can even be a result from having bad quality backlinks you have no idea you even have. What ALL penalties have in common is that Google feels you have done something wrong and until you fix it your site won’t show up well in the SERPs.

      What is Google Analytics?

      Google Analytics, launched in 2005, is one of the most powerful SEO analysis tools to help webmasters track and monitor traffic to their websites. It’s a free web service, which means that it offers a number of basic services for free, while premium services require an investment.
      One of the advantages of using Google Analytics is that it can be used with other Google products such as Google AdWords, etc.

      What's the Text in an Alt Image?

      Google Bots cannot process images on the web. Therefore, it uses alt attributes to understand what an image is. Alt text is also used by visually challenged people and tells them what the image is.

      The text in the Alt image is generally considered to be an alternative text to an image, providing a textual alternative to the indexing robots that index the web page with the image.

      Well-formulated alt-tags can increase the SEO position of your website’s images in the search results of Google images, as they often add more value to the user experience.

      What's Google Panda?

      Google Panda was a change in Google’s ranking algorithm that first came out in February 2011. The purpose of the change was to lower the rankings of low-value or thin sites and bring sites of better quality with high quality content back near the top of the search results. Google Panda is designed to target sites that publish low quality content and punish them if possible.

      Why are Backlinks important in SEO?

      From an SEO point of view, there is a difference between high quality backlinks and high quality backlinks. Some links can drag you down, others will boost you up. For Google search, random backlinks are of no help. Google assesses the quality of backlinks on a web page based on the relevance of the content between both web pages. The higher the relevance between the original content and the backlink content, the higher the quality of the backlinks.

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