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Design Tip and Portfolio

  • Design is more than how it “looks”
  • Good design is really about how it “works”
  • The words “designer” and “communicator” should be interchangeable

Design Tip

Think of Your Business’s Design Like a Handshake.

When you meet someone:

  • Is their handshake dry and firm – or soggy and limp?
  • Are they businesslike, warm and friendly, or sad?
  • Do they smile or frown?

See how you make snap decisions in this blink-of-an-eye moment?

And people do the same thing with your business design!

So the best way to make a good first impression is: Good Design.

  • Studies have shown that visual appeal can be evaluated within 50 milliseconds.
  • So your design has about 50 milliseconds to make a better impression on customers than your competition, and convince customers to buy what you’re selling and no one else.
  • So what do you want to communicate to your consumer when they first see your logo, products, website, brochure, etc.?
  • Figure that out and then create a design that works to reflect this.
  • Sounds hard, but it can be done, with some good planning, and a strong design process.

What’s Your Business’s Handshake Like?

Image of a man and woman shaking hands

Graphic Design Portfolio

  • Our graphic design will take hold of your clients’ attention and never let them go!
  • Multiple national award-winning designs have graced many areas of business, a few being:
    • Logos & Marketing Collateral
    • Wine labels & Infographics
    • Book covers & Web pages
    • Ads, Catalogs & In-store Products

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Did You Know:

  1. A good designer takes more into consideration than just making things “look nice”.
  2. (S)he contemplates who you are, who your company is, who your audience is, and what your competitors are doing.
  3. (S)he will decide what information is most important to display.
  4. Then – a good designer will take all that information and assemble it in a way that quickly communicates your business to your audience in the best possible light.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

5 star rating

“We wanted a really fun and engaging logo that would also be memorable and appeal to our customers. Hilary gave us that with our Bath Addicts Logo. I laughed out loud when I saw it and then it became a national award-winner too. Our customers love it and we get continual positive feedback. Everyone here feels that the logo sets the ‘mood’ of our products and services.” Robin N.

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