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First Impressions Are Critical

  • Customers DO notice good and bad design!
  • They make split-second decisions on what they see
  • So make sure your design, colors, navigation and layout fit your customers’ needs quickly

Keep in Mind:

  1. That there are THREE responses to a piece of design:
  2. Yes, No, and WOW!
  3. Wow! is the one to aim for. Why?
  4. Because first impressions are lasting impressions.
  5. We can help you with:

Did You Know:

Good Design Alone Can Make Large Monetary Impacts

By simply re-designing a logo or a website with new colors and tweaking the layout, businesses can see an increase of more than 7% in sales conversions.

That might not seem earth shattering, but think about that 7% on a daily basis and it adds up fast!

If you average $1,500 a day in sales:

  • That’s an extra $105 per day;
  • $3,130 per month;
  • $37,800 a year!

So good design is critical in this very competitive day and age!

PLUS – it’s a pretty inexpensive way to increase sales without hiring a salesperson to do it!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

5 star rating

“The change to our web design alone increased our sales by $2,300 a month! That was just the start and it has increased as we keep going through the SEO and Design process with Hilary.” Edward J.

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